5S: 5 Challenges Video

5S: 5 Challenges Video
  • 5S: 5 Challenges Video
  • 5S: 5 Challenges Video
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    5S: 5 Challenges video - Making Lean's First Improvement Last!

    This video, produced by GBMP, deals with the “behind the scenes” supporting activities that are crucial to sustaining 5S as an ongoing and fully integrated company-wide process. 5S provides a visual standard that is a building block for every other Lean practice. 


    • 30-minute informative video
    • Identifies keys to success that are not explained in familiar "before and after pictures"
    • Uses common, daily events and settings to identify the five challenges managers will face when implementing 5S
    • Applies to industries across the board: offices, clinics, showrooms, factories, and warehouses
    • Creates humorous scenarios that will have viewers laughing while learning critical information to lead the 5S effort
    • Explains how to build company-wide buy-in and sustainability

    Workplace Organization

    Nearly every company that has decided to become Lean has taken its first steps into the process with 5S. What is 5S? In short, it's a systematic form workplace organization. The practice derives its name from five Japanese words, and each one represents one of the five steps.

    Roughly translated to English these steps are:

    1. Seiri – “sort out”, remove unneeded items
    2. Seiton – “set locations”, give specific homes to needed items
    3. Seiso – “straighten, sweep, scrub”, clean daily to prevent clutter
    4. Seiketsu – “standardize”, establish company-wide standards for the process
    5. Shitsuke – “sustain”, protect the gains made by 5S

    Learn more about 5S implementation and challenges with this informative video.

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      5S: 5 Challenges Video

      5S: 5 Challenges Video