5S Color Code Wall Chart

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5S Color Code Wall Chart
  • 5S Color Code Wall Chart
  • 5S Color Code Wall Chart
  • 5S Color Code Wall Chart
  • 5S Color Code Wall Chart
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    5S Color Code Wall Chart

    A great tool for implementing the 5S method in your facility. The 5S Color Codes Wall Chart allows the ability to visually communicate the system of colors used by your facility. Staff and visitors will get the opportunity to fully understand what each color represents by using this easy to follow color chart. No more color confusion!

    Your 5S color code will ensure consistency in visual communication throughout your facility.

    It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

    Step 1:

    Use the color tiles to select your colors for 5S organization purposes. Once this decision has been made, stick the desired tiles to open slots on chart.

    Step 2:

    Stick blank tags onto chart in the space provided under color tiles, then write what color should be used for (Example: aisles, loading area, forklift parking, etc.) on tag with a permanent marker.

    Step 3:

    After you have created your color code, install the completed chart on a wall in an area that ensures high visibility (break room, near an entrance or exit, next to time clock, etc.).


    • 27” x 36” size
    • Available as Peel-and-Stick or PVC-mounted
    • Contains chart, 15 individual color tiles in common 5S and OSHA colors, and 20 write-on tags
    • Customizable
    • Can also be paired with LabelTac® Printers and labels for cleaner, non-handwritten look

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      5S Color Code Wall Chart

      5S Color Code Wall Chart


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