5S Revealed - 5S And The Visual Workplace DVD

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5S Revealed - 5S And The Visual Workplace DVD
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Creative Safety Supply's Revealed Series Presents:   5S Revealed - 5S And The Visual Workplace DVD

5S Revealed DVD

New: 5S Revealed DVD

Has your management team been looking for a way to greatly improve the manufacturing or business processes as well as organization of your facility? If that's the case, then we have just the starting point for you: our new training DVD, "5S and the Visual Workplace."

"5S Revealed - 5S and the Visual Workplace” provides a clear, comprehensive overview of 5S that is applicable to any facility in any industry. By watching the video, you will learn:

- A basic summary of the disciplines of  5S and 6S
- A introduction to the 8 Wastes of Lean
- How to implement Sort, Set in Order, and Shine
- The importance of Standardization
- How 5S Standardization teams should work
- Why a visual workplace is essential for safety
- The red tag method

And much more!

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5S Revealed: 5S in the Visual Workplace

The practice of 5S is a multifaceted discipline that helps to set in order and enhance almost any manufacturing or business process you can throw at it. The legendary success of Toyota and many other leading businesses hail 5S as one of the defining tools in their success.

Get it - Learn it - Succeed.

Runtime: Approximately 13 min
Produced by: Creative Safety Supply, LLC   ©2014 All Rights Reserved. 
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5S Posters

Never underestimate the power of 5S strategies when done correctly. They can literally take an inefficient, floundering business to flourishing success. In order to help sustain the 5S mindset, many employers like to display 5S signage. Our 5S posters will help your employees focus on applying and maintaining 5S practices each and every day.

5S Posters

They also help to create a constant visual awareness about 5S and let your guests or potential customers know that your company strives for top levels of production, organization, and top-notch customer service.
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We have another great 5S tool available to you...and it's FREE! That's right. Our comprehensive 5S Guide will help you get started with your 5S program. As you know, 5S leads to reduced costs and increased sales  and makes your company more agile. This is a no brainer. Get your FREE 5S Guide and get started today!

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    5S Revealed - 5S And The Visual Workplace DVD

    5S Revealed - 5S And The Visual Workplace DVD