A.M. - Pharmaceutical Auxiliary Label

A.M. - Pharmaceutical Auxiliary Label
  • A.M. - Pharmaceutical Auxiliary Label
  • A.M. - Pharmaceutical Auxiliary Label
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A.M. - Pharmaceutical Auxiliary Label

Pharmaceutical Auxiliary Labels provide additional information that might not otherwise be included on the patients prescription label, such as how to properly store their medication and how it should be ingested. Incorrectly using, administering, or storing medicine can severely impact the therapeutic effect it has on the patient, and Auxiliary Labels can be used to prevent the chance of misused medication.

Our Auxiliary Labels are brightly colored and feature easily identifiable graphics, allowing for instant recognizability from patients and practitioners. Additionally, our labels are printed on durable vinyl material and feature industrial grade adhesive. While most labels fall off, tear, or fade, our labels are UV protected and remain adhered longer. Auxiliary Labels are 3/8” x 1 1/2” and each order comes with 1,000 labels.


  • Brightly colored and easily identifiable graphics
  • Printed on durable vinyl material
  • 3/8" x 1 1/2" labels
  • 1,000 labels per order

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