Medical Floor Marking Shapes

Medical Floor Marking Shapes

Simple floor marking for
hospitals and health care facilities.

SafetyTac® Floor Tape Shapes are a great option for applications where a long stripe of traditional floor tape may not be sufficient. Available in a variety of shapes—dots, arrows, x’s, corners, and more—this type of floor marking provides a different kind of communication for safety and efficiency.

Use Medical Floor Marking Shapes in your healthcare facility to provide information to workers, patients, and visitors. SafetyTac® Arrows and SafetyTac® Footprints can show people which way to go, and Glowstripe Footprints will stay glowing in the event of a power outage or other emergency so the path will remain clear.

SafetyTac® Dots can also be placed on the floor to show visitors where to stand until they are called, or how to distance themselves from other patients so they don’t get sick. To enhance communication and safety, invest in these Medical Floor Marking Shapes today.

Free Social Distancing E-Book

Free Social Distancing E-Book

Recommendations from the CDC and essential tools to help you implement social distancing practices in your facility.

  • SafetyTac Corners (Rounded) Floor Tape

    SafetyTac® Corners (Rounded)

  • SafetyTac Corners

    SafetyTac® Corners (Squared)

  • SafetyTac Footprints

    SafetyTac® Footprints

  • SafetyTac T's round

    SafetyTac® T's (Rounded)

  • dot tape

    SafetyTac® Dots

  • SafetyTac Arrows

    SafetyTac® Arrows

  • SafetyTac T's (Squared)

    SafetyTac® T's (Squared)

  • Social Distance Dots

    Social Distance Dots

  • SafetyTac Strips color pack

    SafetyTac® Strips

  • SafetyTac "Hazard" Corners

    SafetyTac® "Hazard" Corners

  • SafetyTac X's

    SafetyTac® X's

  • SafetyTac Industrial Floor Tape Mini Corners

    SafetyTac® Mini Corners (100 Pack)

  • SafetyTac®  Glowstripe Footprints

    SafetyTac® Glowstripe Footprints


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