Lean Healthcare is really becoming a huge program with the budget crunch hitting most industries including Health care. This has led to a number of great changes including books and programs that are setup to help the healthcare world get on track. Below is a list of kits, books and videos to help. If you don't see something you need give us a call 1-866-777-1360.

  • 5S Red Tags

    5S Red Tags Made from durable card stock Features all needed red tag information Dimensions: 6.25" H x 3" W Sturdy wire tie pre-installed on each tag 100 per pack Use 5S Red Tags to mark items that may need to be removed from the workspace or... More details

  • Kanban Card Racks

    Kanban Card Racks Kanban is a very useful tool for managing inventory and manufacturing schedules. These Kanban Card Racks are useful for managing Kanban Cards in an industrial setting. Priced per column. Wall mountable. Features Available in 12 card... More details

  • Portable First Aid Kit

    Portable First Aid Kit This First Aid Kit provides a variety of supplies to immediately accommodate minor injuries and accidents. The clearly marked plastic case can be mounted on a wall, or carried to the location of an accident if necessary... More details

  • A3 Problem Solving for Healthcare

    A3 Problem Solving for Healthcare The A3 process is a way to look with "new eyes" at a specific problem identified by direct observation or experience. It offers a structure that begins by always defining the issue through the eyes of the customer. In... More details

  • 5S for Healthcare DVD

    5S for Healthcare DVD Filmed with the participation of several heathcare facilities, this DVD video covers many of the aspects of 5S, as it pertains to healthcare environments. The DVD focuses on how visual cues can be implemented to improve safety and... More details

  • First Aid Kit: Metal Case/ANSI Approved

    First Aid Kit: Metal Case/ANSI Approved This First Aid Kit includes a variety of medical supplies, necessary to provide an immediate solution to minor workplace injuries and accidents. The medical supplies are stored and secured in a heavy duty metal... More details

  • The Idea Generator Software

    The Idea Generator Software This software is excellent for creatively encouraging continuous improvement activities in your organization.  Use it to help employees and colleagues develop their critical and creative thinking skills through an... More details

  • 5S for Healthcare Workshop Kit

    5S for Healthcare Workshop Kit This kit contains everything you need to conduct a 5S workshop “in a kit” to improve healthcare safety while reducing training time, search time, wasted time, and resources. This kit is the culmination of a... More details

  • Lean Hospitals Book

    Lean Hospitals: Improving Quality, Patient Safety, and Employee Satisfaction This award winning book by author (and Lean Black Belt) Mark Graban covers using Lean to improve safety, quality, and efficiency in a healthcare setting. Drawing on his years of... More details

  • 5S for Healthcare Book

    Clinical 5S For Healthcare Book Author Akio Takahara's "Clinical 5S for Healthcare" teaches you you to: Reduce Human Errors, Prevent Patient Accidents, Eliminate the Waste of Searching, Better Utilize Available Work Space, and Increase Patient and... More details

  • First Aid Kit: 3-Shelf/ANSI Approved

    First Aid Kit: 3-Shelf/ANSI Approved   Provide a quick solution to minor workplace accidents and injuries with this organized and stocked First Aid Kit. Measuring 15-3/4" x 16-3/4" x 5-5/8", this spacious steel cabinet provides organized storage... More details

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