Creative Safety Products

Creative Safety Supply specializes in helping businesses develop effective workplace safety programs through the use of creative safety products. The company provides workplace safety supplies to help businesses create spaces that are safe, easy to navigate, and well organized.

LabelTac® Industrial Label Printers

When hazards exist in the workplace, businesses must draw attention to them. Safety labels often serve this purpose. Creative Safety Supply’s line of LabelTac® industrial label printers makes it possible for employers to print their own safety labels whenever they need them. These printers can create GHS labels, arc flash labels, PPE reminders, equipment labels, and more.

With LabelTac® printers, users can also print instructional labels, organizational labels, and way signage. These markings make the workplace easier to navigate and tasks easier to perform.

Printing labels on LabelTac printer

Industrial Tape and Supply

For labels to be long lasting, they should be created with durable label supply designed to stand up to the elements of an industrial workplace. Creative Safety Supply offers supplies that can withstand water, chemicals, UV rays, hot and cold temperatures, and more.

In addition to durable label supplies, durable industrial tapes for marking floors are essential to a workplace safety program, especially in industrial or manufacturing environments. Floor marking tapes such as Creative Safety Supply’s SafetyTac® Tape and Smart Stripe Tape can be used to mark aisles, pathways, exit routes, and storage areas. By dividing up space with brightly colored lines, floor marking tape can prevent collisions and make spaces easier to understand.

LabelTac Supplies

Floor Safety Tape

Floor marking tape can also be used specifically to mark hazards in the workplace such as dangerous machines, areas where hazardous chemicals are used, and the spaces where electrical hazards are present.

This tape is often referred to as hazard tape and comes in striped patterns to attract attention. SafetyTac® Hazard comes in many colors including yellow and black, black and white, red and white, and green and white.

Floor and Wall Signs

Creative Safety Supply also offers a variety of customizable floor signs and walls signs to convey important safety information. Businesses can place these signs throughout the workplace to highlight areas requiring PPE, places where hazards exist, and the locations of first aid equipment.

Floor and walls signs provide the information people need to stay safe when and where they need it.

Breathing Protection Required Floor Sign

Tool Foam

A workplace safety program must also consider small dangers such as tripping hazards. For example, when tools are left lying around, people can easily trip and fall. Keeping the workplace clean and organized can prevent many simple hazards like this one.

Creative Safety Supply’s tool foam is designed to fit into the drawers of toolboxes or tool chests to keep tools in place. Users simply trace their tools on the foam and cut out the outlines. Then the tools fit neatly in place so it’s clear where they belong. This prevents them from being left out. As a bonus, tool foam also prevents tools and toolboxes from damage.

5S Products

Creative Safety Supply’s 5S products can also help businesses improve workplace organization and efficiency. 5S is an organizational system that originated in Japan and involves assessing, ordering, cleaning, and maintaining the workplace according to certain standards. Products designed for 5S such as red tags, floor marking shapes, and floor signs make workplace organization more visual. In doing so, they can also increase safety by ensuring things aren’t out of place and left in locations where they could harm people.

5S Area

Creative Safety

Safety should be taken seriously, but that doesn’t mean workplaces shouldn’t think creatively about how best to use the tools available to them to make their safety programs work. No two workplaces are the same, so signs, floor markings, and other visuals need to be tailored to individual workplaces. Creative Safety Supply’s products offerings can help businesses customize their safety programs to make them as effective as possible.

In addition to creative supplies, businesses should take creative approaches to other aspects of a safety program such as employee training. Everyone learns differently, and the training method best suited to workers at a construction site is likely different from one used in a warehouse. To achieve the best results, businesses should assess their facilities and their workforce and then find creative safety solutions suitable to their circumstances.