DuraHook Kit - 85 Hooks/10 Bins

DuraHook Kit - 85 Hooks/10 Bins
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    95 Pc Zinc-Plated Steel Hook & Bin Assortment for DuraBoard or 1/8 In. and 1/4 In. Pegboard (85 Asst Hooks & 10 Asst Bins)

    This a large organzational hook and bin hanging kit that contains 95 pieces of organizational assistance. The DuraHook™ 76995 comes fully equipped wth the first double-locking pegboard hooks and some of the newest and most needed hooks including the helpful spring clips as well as extended spring clips, and the effective BinClip™ which can be used to mount Plastic Hanging Bins on a pegboard. This kit contains all you will need to organize your pegboard efficiently and effectively.

    The following are the included hook styles in this package: (10) 2-1/2 In. Single Rod 30 Degree Bend; (10) 6 In. Single Rod 30 Degree Bend; (10) 2-3/4 In. Double Rod 80 Degree Bend; (10) Extended Spring Clip; (10) Standard Spring Clip; (10) Curved Hook; (5) 2-3/4 In. Double U-Shape; (5) Spring Clip/Can Holder; (5) 5 In. Double Closed End Loop; (10) BinClips and (10) Plastic Hanging Bins


    • A variety of DuraHook styles and LocBin Plastic Hanging Bins make storing items simple and straightforward
    • Durable double-locking system that locks the hook in place and mounts to the pegboard from the front
    • Works with a variety of peg or tool boards that are 1/8 In. or 1/4 in in size
    • Allows for versatility as hooks can be hung both vertically and horizontally and in 4 distinct positions
    • All fixtures and hooks install from the front so there is never a need to take off the peg board for either installation or repositioning of the DuraHooks

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      DuraHook Kit - 85 Hooks/10 Bins

      DuraHook Kit - 85 Hooks/10 Bins