Heavyweight Sorbent Mats - Oil Only

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Heavyweight Sorbent Mats - Oil Only
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Heavyweight Sorbent Mats

We have the perfect solution to greasy and oily tool storage... Heavyweight Sorbent Mats! These mats are multifunctional and are useful in a variety of situations such as as liners for dirty tools or positioned as a drop cloth under equipment. These multilaminate mat pads are built to last and remain durable even in the most rugged applications.

What makes these mats so absorbent and strong? The secret is in the layers of tough-skinned, HeavyWeight SpunBond material. This material can resist abrasions and tears and won't tear apart when pulled or positioned under equipment. Furthermore, the high-loft MeltBlown inner layer draws in and holds liquids from the outer layers. This type of absorbent technology can hold large volumes of liquid quickly without the risk for immediate oversaturation. These pads are also color-coded for maximum efficiently. Grunge-hiding Gray signifies that it is a universal sorbent intended for contact with oils, coolants, solvents, and water.

In addition, you never have to worry about frays or loose particles with this mat. The outer layers are constructed of continuous strands of polypropylene fibers that are interwoven to virtually eliminate fibers from becoming detached and/or contaminating nearby equipment, tools, or parts.

All pads feature vertical perforation at 7.5". The system allows you to only tear off what you need, which in turn saves money!

15" x 19", 100 per pack

Absorbs 28.9 gal/pack


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    Heavyweight Sorbent Mats - Oil Only

    Heavyweight Sorbent Mats - Oil Only