IT guy monitors equipment Keep your facilities organized and efficient.
color coded labeled ethernet cables
labeled hardware switch
technician inspects cell tower wearing high visibility vest and hard hat
labeled electical cables
caution keep electrical panel clear by 36 inches sign
attention: static safeguard work area sign
labeled network cable
group of technicians inspect cell tower site
data cable management labels
IT guy inspects server rack
do not block electrical panel floor sign bundle
marked walked way with floor marking tape

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LabelTac® Pro X Barcode Bundle

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LabelTac® Pro X Barcode Bundle

Everything you’ll need to start printing barcoding labels: a LabelTac® Pro X industrial label printer, LabelSuite™ label creation software, wireless barcode ID scanner, print ribbon, and a variety of label supply to get you started.

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Maximize your data center's efficiency and security.

The FREE guide:

  • A breakdown of common standards in the industry
  • An explanation of how to utilize Lean methods like Six Sigma and Kaizen
  • The importance of a well-organized data center infrastructure
  • Tools that assist managers with clear communication
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Barcode labeling made simple with LabelTac® printers.

Print your own durable, indoor/outdoor labels in-house.

Creating a barcoding program can sound unnerving, but with LabelSuite™ labeling software, the intuitive, label-making software, that job is easy and hassle-free.

The software allows you to import .CSV files so you avoid having to manually input information for each label. Simply load your Excel sheet and print. It couldn't be easier.

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Free OSHA Label Samples

See how quick and easy it is to become OSHA compliant with LabelTac® labels.

Staying in compliance with OSHA by correctly labeling your facility is essential to not only avoid fines, but more importantly, to keep your employees safe. OSHA compliant labeling allows you to create an environment with clear visual guidance for your employees. If you would like to test out our high-quality and durable labels, we'd be happy to send you a box of samples that are pre-printed with OSHA-compliant headers and more. You'll be able to test signage in your facility and see how easy it is to adhere to regulations.

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