Is arc flash analysis required by OSHA?

While OSHA doesn’t specifically state that you must perform an arc flash analysis, they do make it clear that electrical safety is required. Under Section 5 of the OSHA Act, it is clear that an employer has a duty to provide employees with a workplace that is ‘free from recognized hazards.’ An arc flash is considered a recognized hazard of electrical systems.

In addition, Since August of 1990, OSHA 1910.335 has required that employers provide personal protection equipment to employees who work in areas where there are electrical hazards. They specifically include the risk of arc flashes. In order to follow this requirement from OSHA, the employer must know where the risk of an arc flash exists. This, of course, will require an arc flash analysis.

Performing an Arc Flash Analysis

Performing a comprehensive arc flash analysis will allow you to identify the specific areas in your facility where there is danger coming from each electrical system. This way you will be able to implement policies that require employees to wear the necessary personal protection equipment in those areas. Once done, your workplace will be in compliance with the OSHA requirements, and will also be a much safer environment for your employees. Of course, you’ll also have to supply the necessary personal protection equipment, identify the areas where the PPE is needed using floor marking tape or other markings, and ensure employees are following the procedures for safety.


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