What organizations enforce arc flash standards?

Arc flashes are one of the most dangerous events that can occur in the workplace. This is why all employers need to take arc flash training and safety very seriously. In addition to simply wanting to keep everyone safe, it is also encouraged by both the NFPA and OSHA. Many people are surprised to learn that there aren’t any arc flash standards that are legally enforceable at this time. That being said, however, these organizations do have standards in place that most companies follow because they are proven effective.


OSHA is typically the main agency that encourages companies to improve workplace safety. They are dedicated to helping companies improve workplace safety, and this includes safety related to arc flashes.

One nice thing about OSHA is that they don’t always try to reinvent the wheel when it comes to safety. If they find that another organization already has a set of standards that has been proven effective, they will simply adopt those standards. When it comes to arc flash standards, OSHA has adopted those that were put into place by the NFPA. These standards include making sure that there are arc flash labels on any systems that could cause an arc flash.

In addition, the NFPA encourages employers to perform arc flash tests to determine how far away from the electrical system one can be while remaining safe. These arc flash boundaries are very important for keeping employees safe, and letting them know what type of personal protection equipment is needed based on how close they are.

Offering Arc Flash Training

Any organization that wants to improve the safety of the work environment will want to follow the guidelines established by OSHA and the NFPA. Offering this type of training to employees has been a proven way to keep everyone safe from the very serious dangers of an arc flash.


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