What is arc flash labeling?

The best way to help keep people from getting injured or killed due to an arc flash is to keep them informed of the dangers. When people are aware of the risk of an arc flash in a given area, they are much more likely to take the necessary precautions. This would include staying out of the area entirely, using the proper personal protection equipment, and more. When it comes to helping people stay informed of the potential dangers of an arc flash in an area, arc flash labels are an excellent option.

What are Arc Flash Labels?

An arc flash label is a warning label that alerts people to the risk of an arc flash or serious shock from some type of electrical system. The labels can come in a variety of different formats, but will typically have “WARNING” written across the top in large black letters, and the rest of the label will contain specific information. This information could include recommendations to wear personal protection equipment, the potential strength of the arc flash, and instructions on what to do in the event of an arc flash.

Where do Arc Flash Labels go?

Arc flash labels will typically need to be applied directly to the machine or other electrical system that has the potential to generate an arc flash. Placing the label in a location that is easily visible will help ensure those entering the area are aware of the risks so they can take the necessary precautions. It is also appropriate to place an arc flash label near the entrance to any room where an arc flash could occur. This will help to keep those out who aren’t supposed to be working in this type of environment.

Creating Arc Flash Labels

The more specific your arc flash labels can be, the better the information your employees will have. This is why most companies today will print off their own arc flash labels using an industrial label maker. By creating custom labels you can include the exact information that is needed for your particular equipment. In addition, you can always create new arc flash labels if you need more of them for any reason.


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