What Hazards Does a Forklift Pose?

Forklifts are one of the most important pieces of equipment in many different workplaces. Whether it is a warehouse, a manufacturing facility, a construction site, or any number of other situations, forklifts allow you to efficiently move items around with ease. While they are undoubtedly practical, they can also be very dangerous if not used properly. Learning about the types of hazards that forklifts can pose will help you to plan how to operate them more safely. 

Forklifts are involved with a large number of accidents and injuries each year. Taking steps to improve forklift safety will help your facility in many ways. One of the most dangerous types of forklift hazards involves pinch points. This is where a person (or other object) gets trapped between the forklift and another stationary object. This could be the forks of the lift or the back end of it. Either way, this can result in someone getting crushed or otherwise injured very seriously. 

Another common hazard of forklifts are tip over accidents. This can happen when the forklift is improperly loaded, when someone tries to drive with the forks elevated, or when trying to move too quickly, especially around curves. Taking care to ensure the forklift does not tip over is critical. 

There can be other types of accidents as well including driving over a ledge, having the driver fall out because they are not strapped in, and losing control of the vehicle due to mechanical failure. Identifying these types of risks and taking steps to minimize them is essential.


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