Who needs a forklift certification?

Any facility that has to move large or heavy items around will typically want to have a forklift available to perform this task. Whenever a forklift is in use, an operator has to be behind the wheel controlling it. In order to be able to operate a forklift, individuals need to obtain a forklift certification. This is an unusual certification in that there aren’t any specific formal tests, but instead the employer just needs to certify that they are safe. Operators are required to go through three stages of training (practical training, hands on training, and an evaluation) before the employer can deem them safe to operate this type of vehicle. Employers should always know who needs a forklift certification so that they can obtain it before starting their work.

Employees who Need a Forklift Certification

Any employee who will be operating a forklift will need to have a forklift certification. This applies whether they operate it as a part of their day to day job, or they only use the forklift occasionally. Before anyone can safely use this type of equipment, they must first be evaluated and certified to ensure they know what they are doing. This is a critical safety requirement that is put in place by OSHA. Even without the OSHA regulations, however, it would make sense to only allow fully trained employees to operate forklifts because of the fact that they can be so dangerous if done incorrectly.

Who Else Needs Training?

While it is only forklift operators who need to be certified, all employees who work around a forklift should be given training on how to stay safe. This includes those who load or unload a forklift, those who may be working in an area near one of these machines, and those who work in a warehouse where they are active. Forklifts can be very dangerous when people interact with them improperly. This is why most employees can benefit from at least a basic form of training related to how forklifts work, how to load or unload them, and more. All of this will help to ensure the certified forklift operator can do their job in as safe a way as possible.


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