What is a Gemba board?

A Gemba board is one type of tool that is used when attempting to keep track of the current status of the workplace. It is a visual management tool that helps you to be able to see the status of a variety of different types of tasks at a glance.

Example of a Gemba Board

Opening Communication

One of the biggest benefits of using a Gemba board is that it will make it easier for management to communicate with front line employees. When a manager places all the different projects on this board, they can be referenced as needed by those who are doing the work. In addition to placing everything in one convenient location so people know what to do, it also helps to increase transparency within the department.

These same benefits can apply at higher levels of management. When a facility manager, for example, uses a Gemba board, it will allow all the supervisors and others to track what facility-wide projects are being worked on. Since many of these types of projects will have an impact on multiple areas of the company, this type of open communication can be very helpful for planning and avoiding any type of problems.

Real-Time Information

In facilities that use Gemba boards, the board often becomes a central hub for all the work that needs to be done. Employees from throughout different areas will visit the Gemba board at least once per day to determine what type of work they need to be doing. If there are any changes to projects, improvements to processes, or other adjustments, they will be easily found in one location. Even if a supervisor or manager is out for the day, everyone will know what they need to be doing.

What Goes On a Gemba Board?

A good Gemba board will include quite a bit of different information. This will typically include guidance on workplace safety, quality goals, material flow, delivery metrics, productivity efforts, and much more. Keeping a Gemba board properly organized so it is easy to read and understand will help everyone get the most out of this useful tool.


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