What is a Gemba event?

Gemba walks would be a big waste of time if you never took any action based on the information and ideas that were gathered. After a walk is completed, you will want to plan Gemba events that will make use of this information. Gemba events can also be called Kaizen events if your facility is using the Kaizen methodology. In the end, an event is any action that is coordinated by a facility to make a specific improvement. These will typically be used on larger improvement projects since the smaller ones will simply be implemented without the need for a major event.

Focused on One Thing

A Gemba event will want to focus on one specific goal rather than a broad range of different concepts. For example, if you discover that a process that is being followed by a department is inefficient, you can plan a Gemba event that will change that particular process. The event could include a variety of steps, but will typically have at least the following:

  • Training – Training the employees who will be affected is important for giving the update the best chance at success.
  • Clear Improvements – You don’t want to make changes just for the sake of change. Any Gemba event that is performed should have specific goals in mind, and those goals should be well known by everyone involved.
  • Measured Results – Before making any changes with a Gemba event, you will need to take measurements on how things are currently performing. Then, after the event has been completed, take the measurements again to confirm you are getting the results you had planned for.
  • Buy In – Most Gemba events will be fairly large in scope, so it is likely that it will impact more than just the one department where the change is being made. When this is the case, you will need to inform and involve any other groups that will be impacted and get their buy in.

Of course, every Gemba event will be unique, so you have to think it through on its own. This all starts with the Gemba walk where an issue is discovered and a solution is crafted. In many cases, you will want to go on multiple Gemba walks before, during, and after the event to ensure everything goes smoothly.


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