What Does RTK (Right-to-Know) Stand For?

When dealing with hazardous chemicals and other dangerous things in the workplace, employers have a lot of responsibilities that they need to adhere to. Many of them are put in place by OSHA and are there to help keep employees safe when working in hazardous areas. When learning about the different requirements that employers have to follow, you will often see the acronym RTK. This stands for right-to-know.

It is used to indicate that employees have a right to know when they are working with or around any type of hazardous chemical. In most cases, you will see an RTK label on containers where these types of chemicals are stored. The idea is that if an employee has to work in a dangerous environment, they not only need to know about the hazards but also what they can do to stay safe. This is why most RTK-labeled chemicals will also have to have a material safety data sheet (MSDS) on file in the facility.

Employees have the right to see MSDSs whenever they need to. On the sheets, the employees can learn more about what each chemical is, the potential dangers, and how to stay safe when working with them. They contain a lot of information that can help to ensure everyone knows what they need to do to keep the workplace safe. Informing employees of these types of hazards is not only necessary because of the regulations, but it can also help you to make your workplace safer for everyone.


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