What Does HAZCOM Stand For?

HAZCOM, which is often seen written as HazCom, stands for Hazardous Communication. In most cases, this term is used when discussing OSHA’s Hazardous Communication Standards, which are various regulations that cover information on how various chemicals must be labeled. It will also be used when discussing workplace safety related to these types of chemicals.

Anytime a facility has hazardous chemicals in it for any reason, it is necessary to take steps to ensure they are kept safe. This starts with putting a label on the container that identifies what the chemical is, the potential dangers associated with it, and much more. Having a label in place allows anyone in the area to identify the dangerous chemicals at a glance so that they can either avoid them or take the proper precautions to ensure they are handled safely.

HAZCOM labels typically include both written warnings and images known as pictograms. These pictograms can provide you with information about what potential dangers a chemical has. For example, there are pictograms of a fire, which can indicate that the chemical is flammable. When incorporating HAZCOM into your facility, you not only need to make sure that you are properly labeling all the containers with chemicals, but also that your team knows what the labels mean.

Providing your team with proper HAZCOM training is often a requirement from OSHA. Making sure that everyone knows what each type of chemical is, and how to work with it safely, will help to ensure your facility is as safe as possible.


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