What is the Difference Between Kaizen Events and Rapid Improvement Events?

All businesses are constantly working at improving what they do, even if the business owners don’t really put a name to the process of making improvements. Because of the essential nature of improvement in business, there are many different concepts and strategies that are used to make positive changes. One of the most popular ways to make quick changes to improve the way something works is called a Kaizen event. Another common term used to describe this process is a rapid improvement event. 

Throughout most industries, these terms can be used interchangeably. Companies that follow strategies such as lean six sigma and Kaizen, in general, will typically call these types of events Kaizen events rather than rapid improvement events, though that is not always the case. 

Both of these types of events involve identifying a specific area that has improvement opportunities and having a group of people focus on making these changes as quickly as possible. The process will involve coming up with improvement ideas, making a plan on how improvements can be made, and implementing them right away. In addition, gathering information about how things are running before and after the events will help to determine if the improvement efforts were successful or not. 

Whether your company calls it a Kaizen event or a rapid improvement event, your business can benefit greatly from this type of focus on making things better. As long as you handle the changes correctly, you can make continuous improvements to help you remain competitive in your industry.


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