What type of language should be used in pharmaceutical labeling?

The label on pharmaceutical packaging is a vital information source for both patients and medical professionals, being a necessity when it comes to the correct use of a drug. To ensure users know how to identify the product, the labeling must be clear and concise, using the small space available to provide all of the necessary details which are required to comply with FDA regulations.

To ensure longevity, all information on packaging for licensed medicines must also be printed directly onto the container of the drug. This way, the information about the medicine is always accessible and the chance of accidental misuse is minimized. With this being said, it is important that the labeling is designed carefully to provide easy-to-understand information that not only guides a patient in the right direction but complies with regulations.

The type of language used should be in-depth enough to cover key details whilst being easy to follow for all users. Promotional language is forbidden on pharmaceutical labeling and does not comply with regulations, staying clear of biased language which could portray an inaccurate expectation of a product. Instead, a realistic description of the drug should be provided, using a serious tone of voice that expresses the importance of complying with the directions. Additional warning statements must be included on the packaging of specified medicines to disclose any side effects, potential dangers, or exemptions for use, making patients sure that they can use the medication safely.

As well as the written language, it is important to cater to blind and visually impaired customers. All drugs must have the name of the medicine displayed in Braille on the labeling, stating the full name of the product without abbreviating any of the words. This can be printed on any part of the label but must be easy to locate for users and must portray the nature of the product.


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