What color is a yield sign?

Yield Sign Colors

Of all the traffic signs that people see on a daily basis, there is the most confusion about what a yield sign actually looks like. When asked what color is a yield sign, quite a large number of people respond that they believe that it is yellow. The fact is, however, that standard yield signs in the US are actually red and white. In fact, yield signs in most countries are red and white, though some places do include yellow or blue.

Much of the confusion likely stems from the fact that yellow lights on a traffic light are often confused to mean yield. Yellow lights do not actually mean yield, but just that the light will quickly be changing to red, so drivers need to either get all the way through the intersection, or stop, before the light changes.

Some Yellow Yield Signs

Another thing that adds to the confusion is that many signs that indicate that drivers need to yield are actually yellow. This is the case with cross-walk signs, many types of construction signs, and more. Another interesting fact is that in the United States, yield signs were actually yellow and black from about 1950 until 1971.

All yield signs made from 1971 forward in the US would follow the modern agreed upon design, which was the red and white triangle. Of course, it would have taken some time for all old signs to be replaced. So there are many people who have memory of the yellow yield signs.

Private Yield Signs

One more important thing to note is that while all yield signs on public roadways in the US today should be red and white, some private organizations still use yellow signs. These can be used to help manage workplace safety with vehicles like forklifts, high-lows, and others. Even in private business locations, however, the standard has moved to using red and white.


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