What does a universal spill kit contain?

Universal spill kits are the most commonly found type of spill kit in the workplace because of its ability to clean a wide range of liquids. These kits are not designed for a specific type of spill but works well to clean up oil-based products, water-based products, as well as a variety of chemicals. The typical OSHA-approved universal spill kit includes the following:

  • Safety gloves: Nitrile gloves will add protection for a worker’s hands while they clean the spill and are resistant to corrosion caused by chemicals.
  • Eye goggles: Goggles should be used for even a small amount of chemicals, oils, and other substances that could harm the eyes.
  • Shoe covers: Covers are used over work boots to protect the worker’s shoes and feet while they clean the spill.
  • Sorbents: These are different types of absorbent items designed to quickly soak up a liquid and contain the spill. Examples of commonly used sorbents include sponges, pads, socks, rolls of material, pads, and a loose powder sorbent.
  • Handbook: Having information located directly inside the spill kit can be extremely helpful in the case of a spill. Most spill kits contain a book that will help in determining the potential dangers associated with cleaning up a specific type of spill.
  • Disposal bag: Finally, there is usually a large bag or storage bin that will be able to hold the used items after a spill clean-up that can properly be disposed of.

Creative Safety Supply offers a variety of universal spill kits that vary in size. The larger kits feature bins up to 95-gallon bins and are developed to clean large-scale spills in the workplace. The spill kits offered are filled with suggested and commonly found spill containment items, but are also completely customizable. Customers also have the option to build their own kit from scratch including choice of the container, contents, and unique accessories.


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