How many times can a spill kit be used?

Spill kits are designed for one-time use and one-time use only. The contents of a spill kit, and the spill kit itself are all designed for one-time use. The PPE included in a kit (save for respirators which should be stored elsewhere) is developed to be used in the event of a spill and to be properly disposed of afterward. Most likely found PPE includes disposable gloves and booties. Disposable lab coats, and disposable aprons. Once the PPE items have been used to clean up a spill, they will need to be sealed in a plastic bag (also included in the kit) and placed back into the spill kit container.

Sorbents, absorbent items that will be the main clean-up component, are also designed solely for a one-time use. Sorbents quickly absorb and hold a variety of liquids, including non-hazardous liquids, oils, and chemicals. Items considered absorbents are any mops, cloths, pads, sponges, or other materials capable of absorbing a spill. Absorbents are either ones designed universally, or to soak up a particular material. For instance, some absorbent meant to clean an acid spill could include a base neutralizer. Simple materials not specifically marketed as an absorbent can also be used, like sand or clay. Corrosive materials however, will require special materials to be used. Certain work spills may also need several types of absorbents to be used.

The storage of the kit itself will also include a variety of clean-up materials, including dust pans or scoops, to be used once. The materials used in each step of the spill clean-up should be placed in plastic bags and put into the spill kit for proper disposal. Because spill kits are designed with the intention for one-time use and one-time use only, a workplace should have multiple spill kits on hand placed around the facility. In the case a spill kit is use and another spill occurs before the delivery of a replacement, it is crucial to have one on hand for the interim period.


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