What technologies or tools are commonly used for generating transportation labels?

With the recent technological advancements available, the process of generating transportation labels continues to evolve since various tools and technologies mean better quality labels can be produced with ease. Playing a vital role in logistics, efficiency can be improved through quality transportation labels since they can provide accurate shipment tracking, timely delivery, and organized inventory management. In today’s day and age, here are some of the key technologies used:

Labeling software

Being a popular solution for larger organizations who need to produce large quantities of transportation labels, there is user-friendly software available that designs the necessary labels. A custom or pre-defined template can be created which can be filled in as and when needed, ensuring consistency and aligning with industry regulations to ensure it is fit for purpose.

Barcodes or RFID

To accurately track the journey of a package, barcodes and radio-frequency identification (RFID) allow for data to be recorded in real time so an accurate update is provided along the way. Every barcode is unique and printed on labels so the package can be identified with a quick scan, or RFID tags use radio frequency signals for identification. Both of these technologies provide a sense of security to senders as they can monitor the progress, become aware of any delays, and deter any interference from non-authorized personnel.

ERP systems

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems help to manage inventory management and order processing by streamlining the labeling process. By automatically populating shipping information and generating labels directly from the online system, time is saved and bulk orders can be sent out in a much more efficient manner. Many ERP systems have pre-defined templates which business owners can choose to use, or they can create their own to align with existing systems.

Automatic applicators

Often integrated into conveyor systems or other packing machines, automatic label applicators speed up the process of applying transportation labels to packages while improving the accuracy of the application. This allows businesses that ship a large volume of packages to create a more effective process that reduces the amount of manpower needed.


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