Emergencies can strike anytime and anywhere, causing your business to evacuate in a moment’s notice. Is your facility prepared? A disorganized evacuation can be chaotic, resulting in confusion, injury, or property damage. The best way an organization can protect themselves in an emergency is by being adequately prepared to respond.

You should first consider what kind of potential emergencies could hit your facility. What toxic chemicals are being stored? Is the region known for flash floods? Are there any fire hazards that have yet to be addressed? Identify the sources of these emergencies, think about worst-case scenarios, brainstorm how you and your employees would respond.

There are several components to planning for emergency evacuation, such as:

  • Emergency Action Plans: OSHA strongly recommends organizations have a documented EAP with an evacuation policy and designated employee roles. An EAP should also include route assignments and escape procedures on floor plans or maps.
  • Safety Signs: In an emergency, people panic and can easily forget where exits or emergency supplies are. Post easy-to-read safety signs directing people to first aid kits or evacuation routes as a helpful reminder.
  • Photoluminescent/Glow-in-the-dark tape: For a lights-out emergency, use glow-in-the-dark tape to create exit routes that will glow brightly for several hours. You can also find floor tape, signs, and even handrail tape made from the same glowing material.

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Emergency Evacuation Articles

Preparing the Workplace with Emergency Action Plans (EAP)

Preparing the Workplace with Emergency Action Plans (EAP)

An emergency action plan is a written document required by OSHA that details procedures carried out by employees during the event of an emergency.

Food Security

Food Security

With the 2011 passage of the Food Safety Modernization Act, considerable attention has been focused on the purity of our foods from the perspective of accidental contamination.

Floor Marking Ideas for Warehouses

Floor Marking Ideas for Warehouses

Warehouse floors provide an opportunity for visual communication. Find out what floor signs, tapes, and shapes you can use.

Floor marking comprehensive research, education and training

Floor marking comprehensive research, education and training

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Emergency Evacuation Questions and Answers

What is an EAP?

EAP stands for, “Emergency Action Plan,” and is a document that a facility has to develop to show the actions that people must take in the event of an emergency. The EAP is required by OSHA for most types of facilities. The specific contents of an EAP will depend on the area for which it… 

What does EAP stand for?

EAP is an abbreviation for Emergency Action Plan. These plans are an integral component to safety procedures and help coordinate actions that take place in response to an emergency in the workplace. EAPs designate responsibilities to specific employees so there is no disorganization, injury, or property damage during an emergency and instead a safe response… 

What does egress mean?

The word egress refers to the act of, or a path to, come out of an area. Having an egress from a building means that there is a way to exit it the building. This is an important topic when designing a workplace, planning safety procedures, or creating an emergency action plan (EAP). Understanding where… 

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