Muster Point

A muster point, or emergency assembly point, is a designated spot away from the facility for people to gather in an emergency situation. In the case of a fire or other emergency, employees, visitors, and those unfamiliar with the workplace should be able to safely exit the building and quickly find the muster point. Often times, muster points are the location for employers and emergency responders to get a head count and identify any missing employees in an emergency.

How to Choose a Muster Point

Designated muster points are a critical element of emergency planning and workplaces should regularly hold emergency drills to ensure everyone knows where the emergency assembly point is located. When choosing a muster point, be sure to consider the following: Muster Point Panel

  • Surrounding Areas: Ensure the muster point does not lead individuals to a secondary hazard. Muster points should
  • Potential Hazards: Think about the types of emergencies that can happen and plan your muster point based on operations.
  • Number of Employees: Large workforces need larger spaces to assemble, choose an area that can accommodate everyone.
  • Accessibility: Don’t choose muster points that can only be accessed by stairs or is otherwise inaccessible.
  • Distance: There is no regulatory standard on the acceptable distance of a muster point, so it is imperative to assess and evaluate the needs of the facility and select an assembly point accordingly. Muster points should be close enough for people to gather, but not
  • Size of the facility: Depending on size, a facility may need multiple muster points to accommodate everyone. All muster points will need to be properly identified.

In addition to drills, maps of evacuation routes should be posted in work cells. Clear, easy-to-read signs should be posted around the facility indicating muster points. These signs are typically green, feature an assembly pictogram, and have arrows directing everyone to the emergency assembly point.

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