Retractable Belt Stanchion

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Retractable Belt Stanchion
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Retractable Belt Safety Stanchion

This retractable stanchion provides both a highly visual and physical barrier of where it is or it is not appropriate to cross. These can be used to cordon off areas temporarily, or for crowd control such as creating lines for inspection, security checks, etc. The 20lb. concrete weighted base keeps the posts firmly in place for most incidental contact and contains a rubber stripping to reduce the risk of scratching.

Each belt is made from a highly durable herringbone webbing and each belt cassette features 3 belt clips to receive belts from other stanchions. In addition, the belt cassettes have a belt brake technology built into the cassette that prevents belts from whipping around if they are released from another stanchion.


  • Durable herringbone webbing available in Black, Blue, and Red
  • Posts are available in both Black and Stainless Steel
  • 20lb. concrete weighted bases with rubber reinforcement

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    Retractable Belt Stanchion

    Retractable Belt Stanchion