James Womack and the Creation of the Lean Enterprise Institute

James Womack and the Creation of the Lean Enterprise Institute

As a medium to describe Toyota’s business system, the term “Lean production” was the product of James Womack and the research team he led at MIT’s International Motor Vehicle Program. Truly an influential researcher, Womack was, and still is, an instrumental resource in transforming the workplace into one that is better equipped for efficiency and productivity through appropriate management.

Who was James Womack?

James Womack

James Womack began his college career at the University of Chicago. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in political science in 1970. Womack then continued graduate school at Harvard University where he received a Master’s in transportation systems in 1975. He finished his college career at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a Ph.D. in political science in 1982.

From 1975 to 1991 Womack was a full-time research scientist at MIT. One of the more notable adventures that Womack embarked on during his time at MIT was when he visited his first automotive manufacturing facility. He and his team flew all the way to Japan to visit “the Gemba,” AKA where the value is created, to study why Toyota was beating out large American car manufacturers such as Ford and General Motors. It was here that they learned about the Toyota Production System (TPS) and the overarching management system Japan used to create value.

Convinced that TPS was applicable anywhere rather than just being confined to the automotive industry, the team coined the term “Lean” to demonstrate its universal nature.

The Lean Enterprise Institute

Years after his publication of the book The Machine that Changed the World, Womack left MIT and went on to establish the Lean Enterprise Institute in 1997, also known as LEI. This educational resource was meant to distribute researched Lean related information to anyone looking to improve their workplace through events, training, and readily available web resources.

Womack, the founder, chairman, and CEO of the non-profit has since stepped down from his management position at LEI. Even though he has relinquished his management role with the non-profit, Womack is still participating through writing and research, and continuing to be a leader within the industry of Lean.

The Basics of Lean Thinking

If you’re unaware of what Lean entails, the first thing to remember is that it acknowledges mass production methods but takes the time to stop and fix mistakes to assure quality product. Let’s get into this a bit deeper.

There are three big points that Lean production provides under the correct circumstances, those include:

Muda Mura Muri
  • The elimination of waste. Lean enthusiasts are acquainted with the term “the 8 wastes of Lean.” These include the following,
    • Defects
    • Overproduction
    • Waiting
    • Non-utilized Talent
    • Transportation
    • Inventory Excess
    • Motion Waste
    • Excess Processing
  • Employee driven improvement, often called continuous improvement. Five of the most popular continuous improvement tools include:
    • Following PDCA, which stands for Plan, Do, Check, Act
    • Participating in Gemba walks
    • Asking the 5 Why’s
    • Adopting the Toyota Kata concept for training employees
    • Becoming familiar with the 3 M’s, which includes Muri, Mura, and Muda
  • Smooth communication efforts between departments as well as suppliers is a key component of reducing waste in the workplace as well as fostering continuous improvement.

These three aspects of Lean work together to create a continuous cycle of making the workplace more efficient, more productive, and of course, a better place to work.

Womack’s Impact Globally

The Machine that Changed the World was published in 1990. This book pushed James Womack into the spotlight. In short, this man changed how the world thought of manufacturing.

His book has been translated into eleven languages and has sold more than 600,000 copies worldwide. It was this publication that spread the word of Lean production globally.

Lean Solutions for Your Facility

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