Who should implement 5S?

There are many workplace efficiency and improvement programs available for companies to consider, so it is important to take the time to understand them and choose which ones will be most effective. While many of these types of programs can’t work together, 5S is different. It can be very effective as a stand-alone strategy, but it also compliments virtually every other workplace improvement program too. When deciding whether 5S is a good option for a given situation, it is best to ask some key questions:

Is Efficiency Important?

5S is a great strategy for improving the efficiency of a facility since it helps to put things in their proper place and standardize the way work is done. Once in place, 5S can help to cut down on wasted time looking for and transporting parts, and ensure things are completed as quickly and correctly as possible.

Is Workplace Safety a Goal?

Hopefully the answer to this one is YES for everyone. Cutting down on workplace accidents and injuries is critical for all companies, and their employees. 5S is very effective at clearing away clutter, keeping everything in good working order, and maintaining progress. This all adds up to a much safer work environment for everyone.

Is Eliminating Waste a Priority?

For most workplaces waste is a big problem that drives up costs. Whether the waste is in the form of excess materials that have to be disposed of, or products that are created with defects, or some other form of waste, it is important to get rid of it. 5S is set up to eliminate this type of waste by improving processes and minimizing defects.

Are Other Workplace Improvement Strategies Being Used?

If a facility is using other improvement strategies such as lean manufacturing or Six Sigma, 5S is a great addition. The 5S system works well with all other strategies because it is a repeatable set of concepts that can be applied to almost any environment.

The bottom line is that virtually every facility can benefit from the 5S strategies. It has been around in a formal way for decades, but the concepts have been here throughout human history. Any company that is looking to improve their operations and bottom line will want to take advantage of 5S.


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