How have organic farming practices developed?

Initially, organic farming was only practiced by a select few farmers who had a passion for the environment but nowadays, the impact of sustainable farming is widely understood and organic practices are continuing to develop over the years. Although organic farming can be traced back to ancient ages, these picked up hugely in the 20th century when the negative impacts of industrialization and synthetic fertilizers became apparent.

In the 1970s, official regulations started to come into place which governed the credibility of organic farming practices. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) developed organic certification programs which defined standards for farmers, reassuring customers that the organic produce they were buying was reputable and trustworthy. These regulations governed the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and synthetic inputs, having a huge impact on how organic produce was defined.

Over time, technological advancements also had a big impact on the agricultural industry, developing organic farming practices through the use of new tools and machinery that made organic farming more achievable for a wider range of farmers. The use of biological control agents supported pest and disease management while reducing the need for chemical pesticides. Precision farming techniques also supported organic growing by optimizing soil health, weather conditions, and crop growth through measuring and responding to the conditions.

Nowadays, more and more consumers have become aware of their environmental impact and the health implications of their food choices, creating a huge rise in the demand for organic products. Organic practices have been utilized by large-scale agricultural operations across the globe and integrated into government policies, seeing a significant expansion worldwide. From the significantly increased demand, farmers from regions all over the world are making the decision to transition to organic farming techniques.


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