Why are nutrition labels required?

Nutrition labels provide valuable information about the contents of a food product, being a legal requirement to include on all packaged foods so consumers can make informed decisions about their dietary choices. There are numerous reasons why nutrition labels are a necessity, from both a legal and consumer perspective and here are just some of the key reasons:

Health & safety

A nutrition label provides necessary information about the shelf life, storage conditions, and any preparation instructions of a product, so plays an important role in food regulation. The ingredient list is a key aspect of health and safety, providing consumers with the ability to accurately check what is in the food and identify any allergens or health risks associated with specific ingredients, being able to make an informed decision.


Companies are legally required to label their products with all the necessary information a customer may need, using a transparent approach which means consumers can make informed choices and be able to identify the product in the event of a recall or medical emergency. This ensures manufacturers are accountable for the quality of their products and are unable to use misleading marketing claims or withhold information.

Dietary decision

By displaying the ingredient list and the nutritional value of a product, a shopper is able to choose goods that align with their personal dietary preferences and can compare different products. Whether it is people looking to stay on top of their calorie intake or reduce the consumption of particular ingredients, nutrition labels ensure everyone can make their own choices.

Medical conditions

For those dealing with allergies or medical conditions, nutrition labels are vital in allowing them to manage their conditions and avoid flare-ups by choosing safe food products. Whether they are dealing with allergies and intolerances or chronic conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure, nutrition labels help them identify whether a product is aligning with their personal dietary requirements.


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