Why is agricultural labeling required?

Being a necessity for agricultural products such as fresh produce, meat, and grains, thorough labeling provides consumers with important information during the lifecycle of the product. Containing crucial details such as the origin of the product, the tracking information, and the quality of the goods, there are several reasons why agricultural labeling is required:

Health & safety

Labeling indicates vital information about potential allergens, as well as the use of pesticides and GMOs, allowing consumers with allergies or specific dietary preferences the ability to make a choice that suits their lifestyle and health concerns. It also provides information about the nutritional content which is required for people to be able to make decisions that impact their well-being.


Complying with labeling requirements is crucial for agricultural businesses to ensure that consumers have access to reliable information about the product, helping to prevent misleading claims and false advertising in the industry. The regulations are in place to align with food safety and quality standards, keeping consumers safe by creating transparency that allows them to monitor their food intake.

Informed choices

Through providing accurate information about agricultural products, labeling is in place to help consumers align their decisions with their dietary requirements and personal values, making decisions based on preferences such as organic, locally sourced, or GMO-free products. Since consumers have the right to know where their food comes from and what they are consuming, agricultural labeling creates a form of communication between the producer and the shopper.

Environmental impact

Labels help consumers identify organic, fairtrade, local, and sustainably sourced products which allows them to make an active decision and support environmentally friendly farming practices. Since the food industry has a significant impact on the environment through issues such as emissions, chemicals, and wastage, agricultural labeling provides consumers with a better understanding of the environmental impact their products could be having.


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