What ANSI standards have been adopted by OSHA?

One of the few concrete ways that OSHA can enforce ANSI standards is if the standard was recognized as vitally important for safety measures by OSHA and then incorporated by reference. By doing this, OSHA has made the standard law, therefore providing OSHA the authority to penalize the offender if the regulation is disregarded.

What ANSI standards does OSHA enforce?

OSHA has incorporated countless standards created by ANSI, and their accredited standard developers, into enforceable regulations. So many in fact that there are too many to list in a succinct manner! These lists are easily found here on OSHA’s website in the 1910.6 subpart A section as well as the 1926.6 subpart A section. There are a few very prominent examples that are used consistently in most industries, these are:

These are only a few examples of the multitudes of standards that OSHA has adopted from ANSI to ensure the safety of the public.

People may wonder why these "voluntary” standards have been made into regulations. The simplest answer for this course of action is because those new regulations provide employers with more training, inspections, and other safety maintenance upkeep through OSHA to make the workplace safer than before. While it may look like the addition of all these new regulations is creating more work for the employer, it must be noted that the more effort put into these safety procedures, the less there is to worry about injury, death, and damage to company property (not to mention subsequent fines if the regulations are not followed). This is the sole purpose of ANSI and OSHA; to provide assurance regarding best practice methods that keep people away from harm.


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