Where do ANSI standards apply?

The American National Standards Institute has over 10,000 active standards that aim to create a safer environment for not only workers in various industries and their employers, but also other citizens going about their daily lives. ANSI standards are voluntary until OSHA decides otherwise by subsequently making those standards into law. In either case, the choices made during the creation of a consumer product in a facility often end up impacting those customers, especially if something was not up to code.

Are ANSI standards required?

ANSI standards are regarded as mere guidelines since they are technically voluntary. However, ANSI standards are considered to be golden rules since they have been proven to be the best practice methods that increase overall efficiency, productivity, and safety in facilities.

Since ANSI standards are considered to be golden rules, they are applicable in almost every situation, especially since there are so many of them in existence. To give a more concrete idea of where ANSI standards apply, they describe their services as providing the following:

  • Dimensions, ratings, terminology, test methods, symbols, and performance for commercial and industrial products.
  • Safety standards regarding personnel, products, systems, and services for the facilities that make the products.
  • Suggestions on how to make products like baby cribs, microwaves, ovens, ladders, etc. safer for consumers.

As proven here, ANSI standards apply to commercial, industrial, and consumer products. They also encompass the procedures in which those products are manufactured. ANSI and its partner OSHA do everything they can to make sure that everyone is well protected from hazardous conditions in the workplace. Overall, if an ANSI standard lays out guidelines then they should be taken into consideration, even if most of the time they are considered voluntary standards.


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