Who do ANSI standards apply to?

ANSI standards are created to be applicable to those who create commercial, industrial, and consumer products. When asked about who exactly the standards apply to, it must be noted that ANSI standards manifest themselves in every aspect of procedures, best practice methods, and end products. The standards are applicable to just about everyone, since there has to be someone carrying out assigned duties during those processes to develop an acceptable product. With well over 10,000 standards in action, it is understandable to see why ANSI standards are nearly all encompassing for many safety situations in working environments.

The group of people who ANSI standards apply to can also be expanded to include those who make the standards themselves. These are companies that are accredited with ANSI, also known as Accredited Standards Developers. Developers include organizations other than ANSI that have the ability to create standards, as well as companies, government agencies, consumer groups, and others. With a wide array of experience and expertise, ANSI standards are created with workers and consumers in mind by those who have dealt with issues ranging from logistical, procedural, hazardous conditions, etc.

ANSI standards may have a tendency to be ignored due to the fact that they are considered voluntary standards, unlike OSHA’s mandatory regulations that often come with a penalty if they are not adhered to. However, ANSI is the golden standard for safety, and should most definitely be paid attention to. It’s also good to note that OSHA can indeed enforce ANSI standards in some situations. Be aware and do your due diligence in keeping your area and everyone involved safe!


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