Why is ANSI important?

When considering all the safety measures that facilities and large manufacturing companies must adhere to, there can be an overwhelming number of regulations to follow. ANSI’s well-known standards are clear and concise and also voluntary (unless they are required by OSHA). ANSI’s voluntary standards are considered to be the golden standard for virtually every safety dilemma that presents itself in the working community and economy. With well over 10,000 standards of theirs in existence, there can be something found for almost any situation or industry.

With that being said, ANSI standards also affect everyone involved from the workers to the consumers. The standards cover everything from manufacturing processes, distribution, testing, training, and worker safety. This is why ANSI is so important as a national guideline on best practices; they cover everyone and everything under the metaphorical blanket of safety procedures. Overall, they help foster efficiency, better working conditions and safety culture, and safer consumer products in the end.

To further prove that ANSI standards don’t just involve factory and facility employees, we can dive into some of the Standard Developing Organizations (SDOs) that develop the ANSI standards which directly impact consumers. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ATSM International) is one of these well-known organizations. They develop and publish standards revolving around testing and the classification of materials. These standards cover consumer products like playgrounds, pools, toys for children, nursery products, outerwear and footwear, and even medical and surgical devices.

Another example is the first biological resource organization that was accredited by ANSI; the American Type Culture Collection (ATCC). This organization produces certified reference materials for things such as adeno-associated viruses and a variety of other medical references.

With each SDO’s expertise in any given subject, they are able to assist ANSI in creating a safe environment for everyone. SDOs like ATSM and ATCC who are accredited by ANSI impact people of all ages in the consumer world, and therefore should be taken into consideration of why ANSI is so important to the public and not just the working force.


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