How can visual communication improve electrical safety?

Electrical safety in the workplace is extremely important because electrical accidents can happen so quickly, and the results can be devastating. Without proper precautions, people can be killed due to electrocution, fires can be started, and even explosions can occur. One proven way to improve the safety of the workplace is to use visual communication strategies to help reduce the hazards associated with electricity. The following are examples of how you can use visual communication to improve electrical safety.

Warning Signs

Creating warning signs and placing them in any areas where there is high voltage equipment can be an excellent reminder of the dangers that are present. In addition to simply reminding people of the hazards, these signs can provide instructions on how to respond to any type of electrical incident so that the impact can be minimized.

Warning Labels

Placing electrical warning labels directly on the cables, wires, and other equipment that uses high voltage is a great way to improve electrical safety. These labels will quickly inform people that if they are working on the equipment, they need to take the proper safety precautions to avoid electrocution, arc flashes, and other dangers. Many companies use an industrial label printer to create custom labels for these situations so they can share the exact information that is needed.

Personal Protection Equipment Instructions

If personal protection equipment is needed for working on specific areas of the facility, make sure to alert people to this using visual communication. For example, having a large sign that says, “PPE Must Be Worn Beyond This Point” placed on the door to electrical rooms can be very effective. Having the required personal protection equipment stored nearby can also be helpful.

Lockout Tagout

The Lockout Tagout process is one of the most effective ways to reduce the risk of electrocution when people are working on high voltage equipment. While many people don’t realize it, the LOTO process is actually a form of visual communication. The physical lock and tag that is used will serve as an alert to anyone in the area that someone is working on a machine, and the power should not be restored. Implementing a strong lockout tag-out program in your facility is essential for workplace safety.

These are just a few easy and affordable ways that visual communication can, and should, be used to improve safety when dealing with electricity. Looking for additional ways to protect your employees and your facility by using visual communications is essential for long term safety and success.


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