What are electrical safety measures?

In any workplace it is important to take proper electrical safety measures to help avoid any type of accident or injury. This is especially critical when it comes to facilities with high voltage machinery and other equipment. The following are some basic electrical safety measures that should be put in place at virtually every facility. Adding other measures based on the specific environment will help to create a safe workplace for employees, customers, and the facility itself.

Clearly Labeled Warnings

One of the first things to be done is to create and print off warning labels that can be placed on any electrical systems. These labels can include things like how much voltage is present, how far away people should stand, and much more. Custom labels can be created using an industrial label printer so they can be installed when and where they are needed.

Keep PPE Where it is Needed

Personal protection equipment, or PPE, is an essential safety measure for any facility. Whenever working near dangerous levels of electricity, employees should wear PPE to help to mitigate the risk. Placing the PPE near the location where it is needed will not only make it easier for employees to use it when necessary, but it can also work as a reminder since it will be visible near the equipment that is causing the hazardous situation.

Emergency Cutoff Systems

All high-voltage systems should have an emergency cut off button or switch located nearby. This button should immediately stop the flow of all electricity to the system and should only be used in emergencies. If someone is being electrocuted, this button needs to be pushed before anyone goes to help the victim of the electrocution, otherwise the individuals responding to the emergency could find themselves being injured as well.

Trained First Responders and Employees

Finally, all of these electrical safety measures need to be supported by well-trained emergency personnel and other employees. Teaching everyone how to respond to an emergency involving electricity will help to avoid many types of injuries and can help to keep any that do occur as minor as possible. Proper training should be given to all new employees, and then follow-up training can be provided as needed over time.


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