Where Should Solar PV Labels be Installed?

When installing a solar PV system, you need to make sure that you have all the key components labeled properly. This will not only help ensure the system is safer to work with, but will also provide important information to anyone performing maintenance on it down the road. As with all electrical systems, there are some key areas where you need to make sure labels are installed.

The first place where you must have proper labeling is on the disconnect to the system. These are areas that are commonly worked on by maintenance teams, which is why it is so important to have these labels in place. The main requirement, according to NEC 690.13(B), is to label the area as the disconnect.

You will also want to have a warning label installed in this area that identifies it as an electrical shock hazard. Any area where the PV system conductors are enclosed will also need to have labels in place. These labels need to identify those areas as photovoltaic power sources. This does include junction boxes, conduit bodies, pull boxes, and other similar spots within the PV system.

Both AC and DC disconnect points need to have labels that specify things like the maximum voltage, maximum circuit current, and more. If you have a rapid shutdown point on your system, you will need to make sure you have a label at that point as well.

In addition to all the places where labels are required by OSHA or other regulatory agencies, you can also add them wherever you feel that would be beneficial. Think about what information someone should have when working on or near a solar PV system, and make sure they can find it on a nearby label.


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