What are Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Labeling Requirements?

The use of solar panels in both residential and commercial environments is growing quite rapidly. Over the years, these solar photovoltaic systems have been installed on roofs, in open fields, and even over large bodies of water. Along with the growth in popularity of these systems came several important regulatory requirements to help ensure they are used safely. Solar photovoltaic labeling requirements are one of the most important forms of regulation to be aware of for anyone working in this industry.

There are quite a few different requirements for labels that are used in these environments. The specific requirements will depend on how much voltage a system produces, where they are installed, whether they are for commercial or residential use, and much more.

One of the most common PV labeling requirements is for direct current photovoltaic power sources. These must be labeled with information about:

  • The rated maximum power-point circuit
  • The rated maximum power-point voltage
  • The maximum system voltage
  • The short-circuit current

The primary utility meter will also need to be labeled to let people know that there is a PV system in place.

Labeling DC junction boxes, combiner boxes, disconnects, AC disconnects, connections to sub-panels, inverters, etc is also necessary. If you are going to be using solar photovoltaic systems, you will want to take the time to consult the NEC requirements to ensure you are meeting them all. In general, however, you can be confident that you need to have labels in place at every point where work will regularly need to be done.

In addition to knowing where the labels must be placed, you will also need to ensure that the labels are made properly. This typically means a red label with black writing on it. The writing must be easy to read and visible. You will also want to make sure you are using good quality labels that can withstand rain, snow, wind, and other harsh environments.


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