How Often Should Operators Inspect Their Forklifts?

One of the most important things that can be done to improve forklift safety is to make sure that the forklift itself is in proper working order. To do this, forklifts need to be properly inspected on a regular basis. While a detailed inspection by a mechanic may only need to be done occasionally, the operator of the forklift itself should perform a basic inspection every day. 

According to OSHA, forklifts need to be inspected daily at a minimum. For forklifts that are used across multiple shifts each day, it is important that each operator performs an inspection before using it. The inspection process will look for any damage to it or other problems that could cause a safety issue. 

An operator inspection of a forklift will typically only take a few minutes to complete, but can go a long way toward improving safety in the facility. If an operator notices a fluid leak, for example, they would want to make sure that it is fixed before they use it for the day since this leak could cause a variety of problems. 

In addition to noticing any problems as soon as they occur, a daily inspection by the forklift operator really helps them to get to know the machine better. This will help them to notice potential problems much earlier than would otherwise be possible. For example, when doing an inspection daily, the operator may notice a tiny piece of rust that is forming before it is able to eat through any metal. Once noticed, it can be treated so it does not spread. 


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