What PPE is Required for Forklift Operators?

Forklift safety is extremely important because any accident with a forklift can cause serious injuries, extensive property damage, and even fatalities. One of the most important things you can do to make a forklift safer is to make sure that the operator is protected as much as possible. This means equipping them with the right personal protection equipment at all times. Learning about what PPE is required for forklift operators will not only keep them safer, but will also ensure you are in compliance with OSHA requirements. 

Forklift operators should generally start out by having the same types of PPE as anyone else in the area. This will include things like hard hats, safety boots, safety glasses, safety gloves, and more. All of these types of things will help to ensure the operator does not become incapacitated or unable to operate the forklift properly should something happen. In addition, having a safety vest is a good idea as it will make them more visible to those around them. 

In addition to wearing proper personal protection equipment, the operator needs to make sure that they are strapped into the forklift properly. All forklifts will at least have a seatbelt on them, and may have a full harness. This will help to keep the operator firmly in place even if the forklift is on an angle or tips over. Whenever considering PPE for forklift operators, always make sure that they are protected from any potential hazards that may exist. This will ensure they are able to remain in control of the forklift so everyone in the area is safer. 


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