Who in the workplace must have HazCom training?

The HazCom standard was developed by OSHA to help provide employees with the information they need to know when it comes to chemical safety in the workplace. Employers who have positions where employees work with or around chemicals are required to provide them with information about the physical hazards of the chemicals as well as the potential health risks. Understanding which employees are required to get this training is important for all employers.

Employees Working Directly with Chemicals

The most obvious group of people that are going to get HazCom training are going to be those who work directly with dangerous chemicals. These could be people who use the chemicals as part of their jobs and those who transport hazardous chemicals. Since they are likely to come into direct contact with these types of chemicals, they will need to be aware of the dangers. In addition, they may be likely to have to put HazCom and other safety labels on the containers, so being aware of these standards would be critical.

Employees Working Around Dangerous Chemicals

Many employees will work indirectly with chemicals. For example, if someone works on a machine that uses these chemicals to perform a task, they should understand the HazCom system. In the event of a malfunction or other event related to the chemicals, they will have to be able to respond quickly. Training in the HazCom system will allow them to do just that.

Emergency Responders

Emergency responders should absolutely have training related to HazCom. They will be the ones that are called to the location of an accident or other incident, so knowing how to react is critical. This includes firemen, medics, and others who may be called to such an event. The HazCom information can provide guidance on how to put out a first, how to treat someone exposed to a chemical, and even just how to clean up the chemicals to avoid additional danger.

Those Working with GHS Companies

Another group of people who should receive HazCom training are those who work with companies that follow the GHS set of standards. GHS is a globally standard used for hazardous chemical safety. In fact, OSHA made sure to keep the HazCom system in line with the GHS system to make it easier for US companies to work with those from around the world.


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