Are Hazcom and GHS the Same?

When working on workplace safety related to chemicals, you undoubtedly see hazcom and GHS referenced together quite frequently. Many people think that hazcom and GHS are the same thing, but that is not the case. Understanding what each of these concepts is and how they can be used to keep the workplace safe is very important.

Companies that use any type of hazardous chemicals are required to have a hazcom plan in place. This is a requirement from OSHA that is intended to make sure that workers have the equipment, training, and knowledge that they need to work with the chemicals safely. Hazcom plans need to include information about every chemical that is in the facility, proper training information, safety data sheets on each chemical, and more. Hazcom plans also need to ensure each chemical is properly labeled, which is where GHS comes in.

GHS stands for a globally harmonized system and is a strategy that is used in US workplaces to set standards for the labeling of chemicals. This set of standards makes it faster and easier for everyone to recognize what chemical is in a container, and what hazards exist from that chemical.

In the majority of cases, companies will implement GHS standards for all the chemicals that they use. GHS standards are followed by OSHA in most cases, which is one of the reasons that they have become so popular. Using GHS standards in a hazcom plan will not only keep people safer but it will also help to ensure compliance with OSHA regulations.


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