What is a HazCom program?

A HazCom program is implemented in a workplace to make sure that employees know what chemicals are used, and what dangers they present. The system is mandated by OSHA, which insists that companies must tell employees of these types of risks. To keep employees informed about the risks they face at work, HazCom provides companies with instructions on what information must be provided, what training given, and many other details.

Implementing a HazCom Program

When a company is ready to implement a HazCom program they will need to make sure they have all the necessary resources. This will include things like:

  • HazCom Labels – These labels contain information about a given chemical including what type of dangers it has, what personal protection equipment is needed, and more.
  • Training Materials – Providing employees with training about the chemicals that are used in a facility is essential.
  • Safety Data SheetsSafety data sheets (SDS) contain detailed information about chemicals. A facility needs to have an SDS on each chemical that is used in the area so that it can be referenced by employees, safety professionals, emergency responders, and others.
  • Personal Protection Equipment – While not strictly a part of the HazCom program, companies must provide this type of equipment when working with dangerous chemicals. The PPE could include anything from a respirator to a full bodysuit depending on the situation.
  • Knowledge of GHS Understanding the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) is a key part of HazCom. This is because HazCom labeling is based on the GHS standards.

Keeping Employees Up to Speed

With the main point of the HazCom program being to make sure employees are informed about the risks that are facing at work, it is important to ensure they remain up to speed at all times. Beyond providing HazCom training to employees right when they start with the company, it is also important to give additional training whenever a new chemical starts being used within the facility. This is not a difficult process, but it is a critical component of any effective HazCom program


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