Why is HazCom important?

Over the past several generations, society has grown to understand the importance of workplace safety. During this time, most workplaces have also recognized that a safe work environment is also going to be a more profitable one. Whether by choice, or through regulations, companies have taken dramatic steps to help improve the overall safety of their employees, facilities, and the environment. One way that this is done in many industries is with the HazCom system.

HazCom is an OSHA standard that provides instructions and guidelines on how a facility should identify potentially dangerous chemicals. This system has helped to significant improve the safety for employees, contractors, vendors, and others who work with or around any type of chemicals.

Why is HazCom Important for Employers?

Employers will want to have a good HazCom procedure in place for a number of reasons, including the following:

  • OSHA Compliance – OSHA reports that HazCom violations are the 2nd most common reason they issue citations. These citations can come with large fines for the company.
  • Employee Safety – HazCom has a proven record of helping to keep people safer when working with any type of dangerous chemicals.
  • Fast Response to Events – In the event that a chemical is spilled, someone becomes exposed to it, or another event, HazCom helps to ensure prompt responses by emergency responders.
  • Easy Training – Since most companies in the country follow HazCom standards, it is often much easier to train new employees on this system. Those with a past work history will already understand how HazCom works.
  • GHS Compliant – OSHA made sure that HazCom was aligned with the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling Chemicals (GHS).

There are, of course, other reasons why HazCom is such an important part of any workplace safety program. Each facility that uses, stores, or ships dangerous chemicals will want to evaluate their unique situation to determine if HazCom is the right option for them. In most cases, it will be an obvious way to keep the facility safe, remain in compliance, and avoid unnecessary costs.


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