What is e-Kanban?

Kanban is a workflow management system that has become very popular across many different industries. This system helps to define, manage, and improve various different systems within an environment. One of the key tools used within the Kanban system is the Kanban board, which is often a physical board that helps to organize different tasks and responsibilities into different categories including to-do, doing, and done. 

E-Kanban is a digital tool that provides all the benefits of a traditional Kanban board but in an electronic format. This will help to ensure that teams from around the world can work together on the same project. In modern environments, this can be extremely important since companies often have work done in multiple physical locations. 

Some of the advantages of using e-Kanban include improved efficiency since teams can communicate more easily. Many team members will even access the e-Kanban board from their phones or tablets so that they can have it with them at all times, which helps to reduce wasted time and effort. In addition, it is much easier to bring the e-Kanban board to meetings without having to have anything printed off or transported. One other benefit is that you can create multiple e-Kanban boards and access them as needed rather than relying on individual physical boards. 

Perhaps the biggest reason why teams love going to e-Kanban is that it allows them to track when things were done. On a physical board, someone will simply move one item from a category to another when they complete their work. With an e-Kanban system, the board will track who moved the item and when it was done, which makes it far easier to keep track of progress. 


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