Where can Kanban be applied?

Kanban was developed by Toyota Motor Company, and has been an effective scheduling system used in manufacturing plants for decades. It helps to streamline production, reduce waste, and improve the success of a company when it is implemented. While it is best known for its use in the manufacturing industry, it has been getting quite popular in other industries as well because it is so flexible and adaptable to just about any environment.

Many businesses that are looking for ways to improve wonder if Kanban is an effective solution for their situation. Looking at when and where Kanban can be applied is very important. Quite often, people are surprised to learn how this scheduling system can help with just about any type of workflow process that a company needs done.

New Projects

Implementing Kanban on a new project is likely the easiest and most popular time since everything will be new. Taking advantage of Kanban boards and the strategies behind Kanban will help to ensure that specific project is a success, and also provide an example for future projects at the company. Many businesses will choose one new project to start with, and then based on that success, follow Kanban strategies for all future projects until it is embedded into the culture of the company.

Existing Projects

It is also possible to start using Kanban strategies on existing projects that still have a lot of work that needs to be completed. In many cases, a project manager that has a large project that isn’t going well will look for ways to turn things around. Implementing Kanban into their existing project will help to provide the necessary organization and other benefits that can lead to success. Project managers typically benefit from the improved efficiency, the continuous improvement focus, and the tools such as Kanban boards.

Using Kanban Everywhere

In the end, the Kanban concepts can, and should, be used throughout every industry on all projects. Looking at Kanban not just as a way to create physical products, but as a way to improve the workflow in any situation can help any facility. Once the concepts behind Kanban are understood, it can be applied anywhere.


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