What is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt?

What Is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt?

A Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Black Belt is a professional who has undergone training in the Lean Six Sigma policy to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to transform their organizations through process improvement approaches. The Lean Six Sigma approach enables team leaders in organizations, especially in the manufacturing sector, to eliminate waste and enhance consistency in the delivery of quality products.

So, as a project manager or business owner, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the LSS methodology and tools and begin to implement it in your organization immediately. To understand the true definition of an LSS Black Belt, you need to know what a Lean Six Sigma is and why it’s important.

What Is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is a managerial approach designed to help team leaders and managers enhance the performance of their teams by removing resource waste and faults in their processes. This approach, which focuses on teams, is a combination of two popular managerial techniques: Lean and Six Sigma. So, it’s a good idea to start by understanding the difference between Lean manufacturing and Six Sigma approaches.

The Lean manufacturing policy was developed by Toyota in the 1940s. It’s meant to help you get rid of things and activities that don’t add value to your manufacturing processes. The Six Sigma approach, on the other hand, was invented in the 1980s by engineers at Motorola. This policy was inspired by the Japanese Kaizen model.

The Six Sigma approach is meant to help you identify and minimize faults in your manufacturing processes, as well as rationalize the variances in your production processes. The hybrid approach was established in the 1990s to enable American manufacturers to compete with their Japanese counterparts. This combination approach became popular after the publication of a book titled Lean Six Sigma: Combining Six Sigma with Lean Speed by Robert Lawrence Jr. and Michael George.

With the Lean Six Sigma concept, managers and team leaders can reduce the waste of important resources like money, time, talent, and effort without compromising the quality of their products and the speed of execution.

In short, the Lean Six Sigma approach is a managerial concept that seeks to get rid of anything that doesn’t add value to your production processes. If there’s anything that doesn’t offer your customers the desired value and quality, it should be removed from your production processes immediately.  

One of the common ways that manufacturers implement the LSS concept in their companies is through the 5S methodology, which helps to organize workplaces by removing waste and enhancing workflow for more efficient production processes.

Why You Should Be a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

As a team leader mandated to make serious business decisions, you have a duty of ensuring that the concepts and strategies you deploy in your organization help you to improve and speed up your processes.

You should always be looking for ideas for reducing the waste of resources in your company while maintaining consistency in delivering high-quality products. You can only achieve this when you learn and master the LSS concept from the inside out and become a Black Belt. 

Here are some of the main reasons why you should be an LSS Black Belt:

Gaining Proficiency in LSS Tools and Ideas

As an LSS Black Belt, you’re expected to handle all major issues that arise in your production processes. You should be able to analyze and assess the problems and come up with effective solutions quickly.

Furthermore, you should be able to implement the improved process strategies effectively to minimize waste, enhance productivity, and increase efficiency in your organization; these skills are acquired through LSS training. Choose an LSS training program that offers you tracks so that you can apply the LSS tools and ideas you learn in your field.

Leading Important Lean and Process Improvement Initiatives

An LSS Black Belt certification puts you in a better position to be given important roles in your organization like overseeing the conceptualization and implementation of Lean and process improvement initiatives. As an LSS Black Belt, you’re expected to have the capacity to implement complex process improvement strategies effectively and quickly. So, you should be able to identify, analyze, and fix all issues in your production processes.

Applying Your Knowledge and Expertise in Real-Life Situations

LSS Black Belt training programs often offer training projects that provide learners with the necessary skills to address complex problems. The expertise you acquire through these projects will kickstart your career in the manufacturing industry.

These programs will also help you build a professional portfolio that you can use to demonstrate your experience and ability to implement LSS concepts in an organization. In short, an LSS Black Belt training program earns you a seat at the table of the elite class of process improvement experts!


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